The state of Jammu & Kashmir is simply charismatic. It is not just like that it is known as the Paradise on earth. It is Kashmir that makes India magical as a subcontinent.

It stands tall with its scenic beauty and magical charm with the Himalayan Range close by. Only when you step into this magical state will you come to know the real reason behind Kashmir being the paradise on earth.


While summer is the best time to visit Kashmir because the flowers are in full bloom, the winters are also great if you are fond of adventure tourism like skiing. Here is a brief discussion on the must visit places in Kashmir.

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Srinagar is the capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is known for its snow peaked mountains and the majestic Maple trees on the sides of the road and of course the Dal Lake.

Srinagar is the perfect picture postcard city of India. While it is the summer capital of the state, one of the best things about the city is the warmth and the smiling faces of the people of Kashmir.

Srinagar has something to offer for each and every one. There are several shopping destinations that can fill your bags and memories alike with handmade carpets and walnut boxes, hand crafted jewelries and also the other handmade accessories.

The historical Mughal gardens and the magnificent Dal Lake are also must visits in Srinagar. Indulge yourself on the houseboats while relaxing in the sun. Take a trip through the lanes and by lanes of Srinagar to visit the distinctive Kashmiri Wooden Mosque. All these tourist attractions definitely makes Kashmir a must visit in your travel itinerary in India.


The term Sonmarg virtually means the Meadows of Gold and how true is that. Where else can you find the sun kissed snow laden peaks, meadows of gold and the towering glaciers? Where else can you soak in the beauty of the breathtaking lakes? Sonmarg is that secluded haven for the tourists where you will find all the beauties of nature abundantly.

Sonmarg is actually a meadow that is laden with flowers in the midst of the Himalayan Range. It is a very popular trekking destination in Kashmir and also a well loved family destination. It is a well recognized spot for the adventure sports in Kashmir too.

If you are courageous enough, you can opt for the rafting on the Indus River that flows with glistening and sparkling water. Sonmarg is also the base for traveling to Amarnath, which is an annual pilgrimage site for the Hindus across the world.

The Kheer Bhawani temple which is around half an hour’s drive from central Sonmarg is also worth visiting as locals believe that the natural spring within the temple premise can change colors at certain times.

The best and one of the most interesting things about Sonmarg is that you can experience variety of climates in a single day. You can notice a sunny morning while the afternoon becomes rainy, the evenings can again become cooler.

The beauty of Sonmarg is mesmerizing and ethereal at the same time. It is just perfect as a tourist destination for family and especially if you are a nature lover. It is enchanting in its own way with lush greenery amidst the snowy mountains.

Some of the well known attractions of Sonmarg are the Zojila Pass, the Vishansar Lake, the Thajiwas Glacier, Gangabal, Nilagrad River and of course the Kheer Bhawani temple.

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Gulmarg, another breathtaking beauty of Kashmir is around 56 km away from Srinagar. It is a ski resort in the state and is located at the foot of the Himalayas.

The term Gulmarg means Meadow of Flowers and the city is ideally named so because of the scenic beauty, wonderful landscapes that are combined with the sun kissed snow filled mountain peaks.

The royal slopes of the Gulmarg Mountains are the only heli skiing resort in Asia. Gulmarg is located in the Baramulla district at an altitude of 2700 m.

While you can visit Gulmarg throughout the year to soak in the natural beauty of the place, if you are interested in skiing and adventure sports, winter is the ideal time to visit Gulmarg. The city also boasts of being home to the highest golf course in India.

Every year, millions of tourists from different parts of the world visit Gulmarg and Kashmir to participate in the skiing sports and also to view the breathtaking beauty of Kashmir.

Living in the hustle bustle of the city life can give you a lot of stress every day. You don’t have a choice either for a living. You simply cannot run away from the daily stress. It is only when you can shell out some of your busy days from your daily schedule, and plan a trip to Kashmir, will you be able to feel united with Mother Nature herself.

Kashmir boasts of beautiful lakes, mesmerizing valleys, wonderful snowy mountain peaks, fascinating rivers and gorgeously blooming gardens all in one paradise on earth. Kashmir thrives on tourism and hence the facilities and the accommodation in the state are absolutely wonderful.

Kashmir is such a place for holidaying that it comes in different avatars to different people. If you want to experience the joy of heaven here on earth, Kashmir is the place to be.

Holidaying in Kashmir can be a breathtaking and life time of an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.The beauty of Kashmir can only be felt and not explained in mere words.

However since it is a very popular travel destination and people flock to the place throughout the year; it is a good idea to make your bookings prior to your visit so that you are not in trouble once you land in the state. Get ready for a fabulous travel experience that will keep you enchanted for the rest of your life.