Golden Triangle tour is one of the most popular and sought tour of India. Each year, millions of tourist visit India to witness the rich cultural heritage that India has to offer. Out of these tourists, a great number of people prefer to go for Golden Triangle Tour. Being expert in the domain of Golden Triangle Tours, We at, Crystal India Holidays have come up with a plan which will let the tourists enjoy the tour and let them take beautiful memories. This tourist circuit has got its name because of the fact that when you open the map of India and traverse the three cities (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur), this tour will cover, then the resultant will be somewhat a shape of triangle. That being cleared, here is the itinerary of the tour.

Commencement of Tour in Delhi

Since, Delhi is the capital of India, all the international flights from all over the world land here. That is why, all the travel operator commence the Golden Triangle tour from here. Apart from its geographical advantage, it has immense historical advantages as well. The city has many monuments of historical significance which attracts the visitors. Red Fort, Jama Masjid, QutubMinar, Akshardham temple, India gate are some of the major attractions that the city has to offer.

Forts and Tombs

During Mughal rein, Delhi and Agra were the critical cities. They made forts here to live luxurious life. Red Fort and Agra fort are the two marvellous architecture that speaks the great tales of Mughals. Apart from forts, they have also built gorgeous tomb for e.g. TajMahal, Humayun’s Tomb and Akbar’s tomb.

Taj Mahal Visit during Sunrise

TajMahal is built with white marbles. When rays of sun strike with the walls of TajMahal, It gives an excellent view to watch. The sunlight illuminate the whole structure which is worth watching. This particular scene is so popular amongst tourist that they go for same Day Agra tour by train to witness TajMahal during Sunrise and roam rest of Agra.

The Pink City – Jaipur

The reason behind the name of Jaipur as pink city is its monuments and buildings whose walls are of pink colour. But, there is history why the walls were coloured pink. In 1876, Maharani Victoria and Prince of Wales were to visit the city of Jaipur. Therefore, Maharaja Ram Singh (then king of Jaipur) wanted to greet Queen with some beautiful gesture. Since, pink colour represents the hospitality, he ordered to paint the walls of all the city’s building with pink. This city has also great architecture marvels such as Amer Fort, HawaMahal, JalMahal, Sheesh Mahal and city palace.

Completing the triangle – Final words

After Jaipur, next destination will be again Delhi where the triangle will complete and tour will end. The tour of these three cities will give you familiarity with the history of India. You can enjoy sightseeing by going to aforementioned forts and tombs. Our guide will be well-versed in your native language. Our Golden Triangle India tour package price is quite reasonable and promise to give you immense joy. So pack your bags and give us a call.