How to reach Lansdowne from Delhi?
Ans. Lansdowne is connected quite well with Delhi and can be reached easily. Here are the best ways to reach Lansdowne from Delhi:

By Air: The nearest airport to Lansdowne is situated in Dehradun, which is situated 158 km away. The air connectivity between Dehradun and Delhi is quite good. There are regular flights between the two destinations. From Dehradun, cab can be booked to reach Lansdowne.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Lansdowne is in Kotdwar, which is 38 km away. There are few trains from Delhi to Kotdwar. From Kotdwar, cabs are readily available for Lansdowne.

By Road: NH 534 connects Lansdowne to Delhi. There are state-run buses operating between Delhi and Kotdwar. From Kotdwar, one has to hire a cab or take a sharing jeep to Lansdowne.

What is the best time to visit Lansdowne?
Ans. Being a hill destination, Lansdowne attracts tourists in the peak summer months of May and June. During this time, tourists can find respite from the rising temperature across India. Winter is also a good time to visit Lansdowne, especially for those who want to see snowfall. The monsoon season is also not a bad time to visit Lansdowne. In fact, the little town looks spectacular adorned with lush greenery in the rainy season.

Is it safe to travel to Lansdowne?
Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe to travel to Lansdowne.

How do I get to Lansdowne by bus?
Ans. There are state-run buses that run regularly between Delhi and Kotdwar, which is 38 km from Lansdowne. From Kotdwar, one has to take a cab or a sharing jeep to reach Lansdowne.

Is Lansdowne worth visiting?
Ans. If you are fond of mountains, colonial architecture, panoramic views, and greenery and want to enjoy some peaceful time amidst nature, Lansdowne is the perfect getaway. Its close proximity to cities like Delhi (260 km) gives yet another reason for this place to be visited. Lansdowne is an ideal family getaway, a honeymoon destination, and as well as for solo travelling and visiting with friends. It is one of those places that don’t have many attractions but have a tranquil setting ideal for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature.

What is famous in Lansdowne?
Ans. Lansdowne is known for its natural beauty, view points, colonial architecture, and peaceful surroundings. Following are the main attractions of Lansdowne:

Bhulla Tal

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Darwan Singh Museum

Tip n Top

War Memorial Lansdowne

St John’s Church

St Mary’s Church

Bhim Pagoda

Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple


Does Lansdowne have snow?
Ans. Yes, in the winter season, between December and February, heavy snowfall can be witnessed in Lansdowne.

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How far is Lansdowne from Jim Corbett National Park?
Ans. Since Jim Corbett National Park is one of the largest national parks in India, it occupies a large area. One of the gates of the national park is closer to Lansdowne, at a distance of 54 km. However, for the best safari experience in Corbett, one has to reach Ramnagar, which is around 181 km from Lansdowne. The two popular zones, Dhikala and Bijrani are closer from Ramnagar side.

Which is better: Mussoorie or Lansdowne?
Ans. Except for being the hill stations in Uttarakhand, the two destinations of Mussoorie and Lansdowne have nothing in common. But that being said, doesn’t make any of the two destinations less attractive than the other. It is eventually upon the tourists and what they want to experience as the two places have their own attractions.

Mussoorie is a popular hill station in Uttarakhand and caters to a large number of people. Lansdowne, on the other hand, is a lesser-visited hill station which helps it keep its tranquility intact. 

Mussoorie is replete with a number of attractions that a large number of tourists come to visit, which makes it a bustling destination. Lansdowne on the other side, has fewer attractions and quieter surroundings that make it perfect for those seeking some alone time or peace of mind. 

Can we go to Lansdowne by car?
Ans. Yes, it is possible to go to Lansdowne by car. The little town is connected via NH 534, which means the road is quite good for a drive. However, it is recommended to have some prior experience of driving in the hills to keep the journey safe.